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Q&A Hitoe Fold Series

Q. Do you have any tips for opening and closing the bag?

If you bend the border between the coin pocket and the card pocket in the shape of a "ku", the inner hook will come off and you can use it smoothly.

When closing, gently press down on the top of the pocket while bending it in a "ku" shape, and the inner hook will naturally fit into the card pocket. The trick is to keep your fingers away from the inner hook.

To close, simply slide the card while holding it down (e.g. Hitoe Fold).

Q. It distorts when I close it.

This is caused by misuse of the inner hook on the outside of the wallet. Please use the inner hook only for the cards you wish to store (e.g. Hitoe Fold).

(Example: Hitoe Fold)

Q. Will coins or cards spill?

If you hang the inner hook on the card, neither coins nor cards will spill.
Even when the wallet is open, the lid of the coin pocket prevents coins from spilling. However, there is a possibility of spillage if the wallet is opened and used horizontally. Please use the wallet in portrait orientation.
The non-slip card pockets are designed to prevent cards from falling out when the wallet is open. Please refer to the product description for the specifications of each product.

Q. Should I choose a right-handed or left-handed wallet?

Please choose right-handed if you handle cards or coins with your right hand, or left-handed if you handle them with your left hand.

Q. I am concerned about the sound of coins.

If you store coins in the pocket so that the coin pocket is vertical, you can prevent the sound of coins. Also, coins can be aligned more easily and automatically.

Q. Won't coins spill out if the front and back sides are mistaken?

A. No. With use, the leather will develop a habit. Also, we have designed the wallet so that it will not open if you mistake the front side for the back side.