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About "Business" leather

Italian vacetta leather

"Vacetta manufacturing method" that has been handed down in Tuscany, Italy since the beginning of the 9th century. This leather is tanned with natural tree tannins and carefully soaked with oil. The biggest feature of Vacetta leather is that it mainly uses neatsfoot oil in the greasing process, and it has a unique suppleness. Neatsfoot oil does not easily penetrate into leather, and it takes time to penetrate deep into the fibers. However, once it penetrates, it is hard to come off, and you can enjoy the moisturized and glossy leather quality almost permanently.
With its sticky smoothness, it is beautifully deepened in color and stands out among the many Italian leathers.

Deepening color gloss and aging

Vivid and transparent coloring is done with dyes only. Scratches and stains are not hidden by embossing or pigments, so they remain as they are. However, the fact that you can enjoy the texture of raw leather as it is is proof that it is the highest quality natural leather. Please accept the scratches and stains as a unique personality.
The more you use the dyed leather, the deeper the color becomes and you can enjoy aging. When it comes to aging, there is no leather to the right of Vacetta leather. It is beautiful and deepens the color in a short time.
Since it is a leather that grows together, it is also ideal as a gift for new beginnings such as admission, promotion, and employment.

"Business" aging example

The leather used for "Business" is oil nubuck with brushed silver surface (front side). It is velvety and soft to the touch, and contains a lot of oil, so aging progresses very quickly. The more you use it, the more calm the brushing becomes, the more glossy it becomes, and the deeper the color becomes.

Nero Nero (black) : Black like matte ink. The gloss gradually increases and the black becomes deeper.
GiunglaGiungla : Deep dark olives become even deeper in color.
Bruciato Bruciato (dark brown) : Dark brown becomes darker as you use it.
Cammello Cammello : Change to a beautiful candy color.

No need for oil care

I think that general leather has a glossy surface from the beginning. However, the oil on the surface volatilizes over time, loses its luster, and becomes dry. That's why regular oil care is essential.
This leather has a matte look. This is because even if you do not apply oil to the surface, the oil will soak into the fibers and the leather will not dry out. The more you use it, the more oil contained inside will seep out from the pores and coat the epidermis to make it glossy. Therefore, no oil care is required.
Please note that adding ready-made leather oil may cause the leather to become too oily and too soft.
The best maintenance is to do nothing and give the leather a proper stimulus.
Since it is not coated, the surface is soft and easily scratched, but some scratches will heal naturally if you rub it with your finger. Even deep scratches become familiar with aging and change to a leather texture.

About white powder

Since the leather is very oily, the oil component that has exuded from the pores may turn into white powder depending on the temperature, humidity, and ventilation conditions.
This is the same phenomenon as bloom of bridle leather, and it is not a defect of the product.
It is especially noticeable in winter and when the temperature is low, and it may look like mold at first glance, but it can be easily wiped off with a soft cloth. (Parts that are difficult to remove, such as stitches, disappear when warmed)
These symptoms are one of the good properties of oily leather. Thank you for your understanding.