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Article: Hitoe Fold pre-orders end


Hitoe Fold pre-orders end

Pre-ordering (crowdfunding) for the new Hitoe Fold ended on July 31, with over 1,800 applications received.

Crowdfunding on the company's own website, without relying on an external platform (hereafter referred to as "self-crowdfunding"), is a new approach that is almost unprecedented in the industry.

Self-crafunding is a system in which the support of customers is directly delivered to the originator of the project, without any third party involvement. It is an ideal form of crowdfunding.

This project was not just a mere presentation of a product, but also an attempt to question this new form of crowdfunding itself.
We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the many applications we received for this new challenge.

Hitoe Fold クラウドファンディング

Estimated delivery dates for pre-orders are as follows:
0-500 units August
- 700 units September
- 900 units October
- 1100 units November
- 1300 units December
- 1500 units January 2024
- 1700 units February 2024
- 1831 units March 2024

Delivery time may vary depending on the color and the user's hand.

Resale will be after pre-orders have been shipped, and is scheduled for March~April 2024.

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