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Article: SDGs] "Mottainai" and "Itadakimasu


SDGs] "Mottainai" and "Itadakimasu

SYRINX's leather goods business had a unique start from "Mottainai".
Founded as an audio brand, SYRINX was characterized by speakers with soft bodies made of leather.
We searched for leather that was good for sound and came across vacchetta leather, which has a beautiful color and gloss due to aging. However, manufacturing speakers produces a large amount of scrap wood.
We wanted to use up the life we were given with great care, and this is how we started to
develop leather items using the scraps
This policy is still carried on in our various initiatives today.

1 Showroom Everywhere

Samples used for photo shoots and interviews, returned products, and B-grade products such as those with scratches. This initiative was started to make effective use of these unusable products.
This service allows customers to send samples to their homes and actually use them for a few days.
We started this service because we want to use up the life we have received with care.

2 "Musubu® Key Case," the ultimate use of scrap wood

This small key case full of ideas was developed to reduce the amount of discarded leather as much as possible by making effective use of the scraps after removing large products such as clutch bags.
Although it is only produced when large pieces of scrap material are generated, it is very reasonably priced because it utilizes leather that would otherwise be discarded.

3 Reduction of Waste

Dummy card attached to the wallet. After the wallet is purchased, the dummy card becomes useless and is destined to be discarded. The dummy card can be used as a multi-functional ruler.

4 De-Plasticizing Packaging

Illegally discarded plastic is a cause of serious marine pollution. Non-woven fabrics and OPP bags are also widely used in the packaging of leather products. However, after opening, most of them are discarded.
SYRINX reduces the use of these plastics as much as possible by converting OPP bags into paper sleeves and non-woven fabrics into thin paper.
To make this possible, customer understanding is essential. We ask for your understanding that the outer box may receive bite or scuff marks during storage and transportation.

5 Paperless

We are working on a paperless system whereby information on leather maintenance and handling precautions common to all our products is posted on our website, and at the same time, information is sent to purchasers individually by e-mail. (We may enclose instruction manuals for points that require special attention.) Some products do not come with any instruction manuals.
Some products do not come with any instruction manuals, and we do not provide paper product catalogs or brochures. We appreciate your understanding.

Mottainai" and "Itadakimasu

Cows and pigs are not raised for leather production. Hides are by-products of cows that have been processed into meat, and if they are not used effectively as leather, they can only be discarded.
In fact, many hides are still discarded today, but they have a high environmental impact and are said to emit five times as much carbon dioxide as leather tanning.
The consumption of meat is an act that has a great impact on the environment through the disposal of hides.
And leather is an environmentally friendly recycled material that embodies the spirit of "mottainai.
In Japan, we have a wonderful saying, "Itadakimasu.
It is the responsibility of those who take away life to be grateful for it and to use it carefully.

(For the same reason, we also sell " LOG " speakers made from Ezo deerskin.)

Leather and the Environment

Global warming caused by methane gas from cattle rearing is a serious problem, and although the development of feed that reduces methane emissions is progressing, the number of cattle reared may decrease along with the spread of meat substitutes. In parallel with leather, it will also be necessary to study the possibilities of other materials in the future.
However, as long as people raise cattle, SYRINX will continue to use leather with care and gratitude for the lives it has given us.

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