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Article: Staff Wanted


Staff Wanted

Seeking Challengers

Small brand, big challenge!

SYRINX, a D2C leather brand, is looking for a full-time employee.
SYRINX may be a small brand that is still in its infancy.
However, its products have been highly evaluated by the record of the highest amount of crowdfunding in Japan and by winning domestic and international awards.

We are looking for people who can help us grow SYRINX to a higher level as a leather brand.

Staff Recruitment Details

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Hasamu A4におすすめのペン7選

7 pens recommended for Hasamu A4

Hasamu A4 is an analog tool for drawing by hand and getting direct feedback from it to expand your ideas. The comfort of the pen is the key to this analog feel. However, pen holders are limited to ...

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第3回 SYRINX人道支援募金

3rd SYRINX Humanitarian Donation

SYRINX Humanitarian Relief Donation " started on 2022.3.23. From 6.1 to 7.31, we have received 45,326 yen. Today, we donated the entire amount to the Japanese Red Cross Society's Ukraine Humanita...

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