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Article: New Products] Beeswax Wax for Leather Natural Beeswax


New Products] Beeswax Wax for Leather Natural Beeswax

New product "Natural Beeswax" is now available.

It is made from only natural ingredients and contains no organic solvents, synthetic resins, emulsifiers, Vaseline, or other chemicals. This beeswax wax for leather is gentle on the skin and has a mild fragrance.

It protects leather from drying out and makes it resistant to stains and dirt.

Please use it for daily leather maintenance.

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第4回 SYRINX人道支援募金

4th SYRINX Humanitarian Relief Fund

We have received 57,592 yen from 8.1 to 11.24 for the " SYRINX Humanitarian Relief Donation " which started on 2022.3.23. Today, we donated the entire amount to the Japanese Red Cross Society's U...

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Grerman Design Award 2023

Hitoe® Fold Less wins "Grumman Design Award 2023

Hitoe® Fold Less " has won a special award at the German Design Award 2023. The German Design Award is an international design award sponsored by the German Design Council, established in 1953. ...

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