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Article: Hitoe® Quartet & Sextet Pre-Orders


Hitoe® Quartet & Sextet Pre-Orders

Advance Reservations Begin

Pre-orders (crowdfunding) will begin on Friday, August 4, 2012.

Pre-order period: August 4 (Fri.) 12:30 - October 17 (Tue.) 23:59
*Pre-orders may end early if there are too many

Start|August 4: The most auspicious day of the year with Tenkan-nichi, Ichigumann-boku-nichi, O-an, Bokura-nichi, Kamiyoshi-nichi, and Tsukinoki-nichi
End|October 17: The most auspicious day with Tenkan-nichi, O-an, and Kamiyoshi-nichi

Special Coupon

The following discount coupons are available for reservations. Each is available on a first-come, first-served basis and the number is limited.

First 50 customers 15%Off coupon :20230804-15
First 100 customers 10%Off coupon :20230804-10

*Coupons cannot be reissued or retrofitted.
*Coupons can only be used for Hitoe Quartet and Hitoe Sextet during the reservation sales period

Product Features

Hitoe® Quartet, a thin bifold wallet that holds 8 cards in 4 pockets.
Hitoe® Sextet, a thin long wallet that holds 12 cards in 6 pockets.
It features a sharp, minimalist form with no wasted space.

The Hitoe® Fold partner to the Hitoe® Sextet.

Receipts, important cards, and infrequently used cards go into
Hitoe® Quartet orHitoe® Sextet.
Put your frequently used cards and money in the Hitoe® Fold.
It makes going out even more comfortable.

Hitoe® Quartet, a thin bifold wallet with 8 cards

Hitoe® Sextet - thin long wallet with 12 cards

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New Hitoe Fold

New Hitoe® Fold

Advance Reservations Begin May 31st Pre-orders (crowdfunding) will be available from May 31. Pre-order period: May 31, 12:00 - July 31, 23:59 *The pre-order period may end early if there are too ...

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Hitoe Foldの先行予約終了

Hitoe Fold pre-orders end

Pre-ordering (crowdfunding) for the new Hitoe Fold ended on July 31, with over 1,800 applications received. Crowdfunding on the company's own website, without relying on an external platform (herea...

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