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Article: Hitoe® Quartet & Sextet pre-orders end


Hitoe® Quartet & Sextet pre-orders end

Pre-orders (crowdfunding) for the new Hitoe® Quartet & Hitoe® Sextet ended on October 17, and we have received over 211 pre-orders in total.

Thank you for the many applications.

Crowdfunding on the company's own website without relying on an external platform (hereafter referred to as "self-crowdfunding") is a new experiment that has hardly been seen before in Japan.

Self-crafunding is an ideal form of crowdfunding because it allows customers' support and contributions to be sent directly to the originator of the project without any third party involvement.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for the many applications we have received for this new challenge.

Hitoe® Quartet

Hitoe Quartet クラウドファンディング

Hitoe® Sextet

Hitoe Sextet クラウドファンディング

The delivery date has been moved up to October 20, and we will ship on October 21.
We will ship it on October 21.

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「モッタイナイ マーケット」開設

Opened "Mottainai Market".

Aiming for a recycling-oriented society without waste, we opened the " Mottainai Market " to offer products that cannot be sold as regular items, an initiative based on the idea of "mottainai," the...

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Ortensia" is now available for resale.

Ortensia" is the Italian word for hydrangea. Hitoe® Fold Aria - Ortensia - is back in stock. It is highly resistant to scratches and stains, repels water, and hardly ages, so it is recommended ...

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