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The ZEBRA SHARBO X LT3 is the most recommended multi-function pen for Hasamu A4. It is used by adding your favorite mechanical pencil + ballpoint pen two-color refills to the body of the pen, which does not come with refills.

The SHARBO X LT3 is the thinnest series in the SHARBO X series, with a shaft diameter of only 9.3 mm.
The body is made of brass. It has a moderate rigidity and weight, and combined with its totally lean size, you can feel the quality of the product when you hold it in your hand.
There is no rattling, which is common in multifunctional pens. There is no clattering sound when you shake it, and you can enjoy a stable writing feel with a sense of quality.

The most notable feature of the pen is its function switching operation. Although it is a rotary type, it rotates smoothly without any noise at all. Structurally, Rhodia's multifunction pen has a similar structure, but even though it is beautiful in design, the feel of the pen is superior to that of the Sherbo-X.

Design is not only about appearance, but also very important is the feel of the pen, such as its texture and responsiveness. This is an excellent product that reminds us of that.

849 Fitting into the pen holder

The clip portion is spring-loaded and movable, so it can be smoothly attached to and detached from the pen holder. The design would have been even better if the clip had a matte black finish.
The refill is 4C standard (0.1mm thicker than D1), so we recommend using genuine ZEBRA refills.


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