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Article: rOtring rapid PRO 2.0 wick holder


rOtring rapid PRO 2.0 wick holder

Limited to 10mm shaft diameter Hasamu A4 Introducing the best pen for pen holders of

rOtring rapid PRO 2.0.
2mm lead holder. It is a clutch-nock type that feeds out a certain amount of lead with each knock, just like a mechanical pencil, and the lead can be inserted and removed with one hand.
Many people may not be familiar with lead holders, but in essence, these pencils can be used like mechanical pencils. The detachable nock section has a lead-sharpening function.

The shaft is hexagonal, but the corners are rounded to be gentle to the hand, almost circular in shape. The knurling on the grip to prevent slipping is very delicate and does not irritate the skin.
The black coating is elegant and durable, but after use, the brass ground surface becomes visible.
It gives it a vintage look in a good way.

849 Delicate knurling

It has a moderate weight and rigidity, and is stable.
rOtring has 600 and 800 series, but I feel that this rapid PRO is more comfortable to write with in terms of the balance of the shaft diameter, weight, and length

The pen fits nicely in the Hasamu A4 pen holder, and the thickness of the pen barrel is just right.

849 Fits in the pen holder

The length fits the pen holder perfectly and comfortably.

849 Length fits perfectly

rOtring rapid PRO 2.0

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